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A comprehensive guide for connecting your WordPress powered site to a CDN.


I get asked a lot whether it is a good investment to use a CDN with a WordPress site, if you have a high traffic website or a blog, and if most of your traffic is NOT concentrated on a particular geographic region, then yes, a CDN is a worthy investment, next question is often, how do I integrate or implement a CDN with WordPress, it is a rather detailed process, and I have explained it below.
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jQuery : Getting a selected element’s outer HTML


The .html() function of jQuery only lets you get the inner html of a selector, but sometimes you want the selected object as well, here is a quick jQuery snippet to get the complete html of a selector.
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How to remove Firefox’s dotted outline on buttons and anchor tags with CSS


A quick tip to remove the focus outline in Firefox, that appears when a link or a button is clicked. The focus outline manifests as a grey dotted line around the object and is used as a visual clue for keyboard navigation
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Responsive Design Testing


I was recently working on a new responsive website project, and I realized, there are no good tools to check the responsiveness of a website – so I made a quick and easy tool to do the same. You can find it at
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Styling HTML5 Placeholder with CSS or jQuery


A quick tip to style the recently introduced HTML5 “Placeholder” attribute for input text and textarea elements via CSS or jQuery. The methods discussed have been tested successfully in all major browsers.
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