Responsive Design Testing


I was recently working on a new responsive website project, and I realized, there are no good tools to check the responsiveness of a website – so I made a quick and easy tool to do the same. You can find it at

I have added the most commonly used device sizes, including that of an iPhone and an iPad, so you can test how your website will behave when viewed in an iPhone/iPad, pretty soon I will extending this to include your own custom sizes as well.

Any feedback/suggestions are very much appreciated.

Its very easy to use, here is a screenshot if you are interested.

How to check how your website is seen on a mobile device
  • Its pretty useful tool. I checked my blog and it is not optimized for mobile devices. How can I make my site appear suitable to these devices? My blog theme is not responsive.

    • You can hire a web developer to make your blog theme responsive, or there are various WordPress plugins available to display a mobile optimized version of your site when viewed from a mobile device. Alternately, you can download and use one of the responsive themes available for WordPress.